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Giving Your Skilled Freelancing Job a Business Identity


L29It is a good thing for a person to be self sufficient such that rather than look around for employment, he/she could provide one because he/she has a skill of service which is enough to put food on the table. There are lots of artisans/ skilled service providers (plumber, web design, graphics, social media, photographer etc) who would rather freelance than to work for a company.

However, most of these skilled service freelancers lacked packaging such that they either got priced down or fail to reach more clients’ patronage for their services as such providing little or no income. There are certain things needed for this set of skilled service providers to give more identity to their job.

Below are some of the tips to follow:

  • Register a business
  • Have a logo
  • Create a social media page
  • Provide a letter headed paper
  • Provide a business card
  • Provide an ID card
  • Create a website
  • Regularly Promote your business via social media
  • Propose a discounted package for your services
  • Upload your services/business to classified sites

If you are able to take to the tips listed above, you would have been able to give your business an identity and this would have translated to more patronage and a higher income,

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