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Developing Career as a Social Media Expert


Developing your career as a Social Media expert is one of the most wisest decision as an aspiring entrepreneur. The demand for social media experts in companies has become ever growing since the emergence of Facebook in the early 20s.

As a social media personnel, there are certain qualities expected to improve engagement in any of the social media platforms you are managing.

As time goes, the various social media platforms have made several changes to their algorithm, making it difficult to enhance engagement and acquire followership.

However, there are certain activities expected of a social media personnel or anyone aspiring to become a social media expert.


– Pick a Niche: To begin a social media business, one needs to select a niche, one in which he/she is sure of a comparative advantage and can consistently deliver in content development.

– Content Consistency: Content is king as they say. A social media personnel looking to be successful must have adequate knowledge in the nice selected. This will ensure diverse in topical contents that would be aimed at driving traffic and engagement. Ensure contents are posted regularly and images and videos are of high quality and unique

– Traffic: If you want to be successful in a business, you will also need to invest accordingly. If you run a facebook page for instance, your contents can only be visible to those following your page. You can increase the visibility by simply adding to your list of followers via paid campaign

– Engagement: This is the most important aspect of a social media personnel job. The ability to drive engagement defines a successful social media personnel. For every post made, ensure you add a part that spur comments, like and retweet or share. Social

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